Bring Back the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES)

Many people are urging the Albanese Government to bring back a better and more modern version of the Commonwealth Employment Service. 

Unfortunately, many Australians are unaware that the former Liberal Government contracted over $7 billion of employment services just 14 days before calling the May 2022 Federal election. 

Following the election, the Albanese Labor Government moved quickly to establish an inquiry into Workforce Australia. The House of Representatives Select Committee on Workforce Australia Employment Services is reviewing the implementation of the new system, taking evidence on best practice and will make recommendations on both long-term reforms and where more immediate improvements can be made.   

The Committee is considering the extent to which Workforce Australia delivers services in a way that is fair, leaves no one behind, respects individuals’ diverse needs and supports job seekers into secure work. The Committee has indicated that this includes the nature and extent of outsourcing within the employment services system. 

The Committee will report to Parliament by 30 November 2023 and the Government will carefully consider its recommendations.  

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